Please Note


All watches are authentic with all original parts (including original untouched / un-repainted dial) unless specifically stated otherwise.

Vintage watches are generally smaller than modern watches. Although our measurements are only approximates, they are a good indicator for the buyer to see if the smaller size will be an issue or not.

If a watch is not specifically indicated as "Serviced", we do not have its service history and cannot guarantee its accuracy. We highly recommend it to be serviced by a watchmaker for regular use.

Accuracy indicated in the Condition section is only based on 12 hours timegrapher test in one position (movement up or dial up). This is just a reference to help buyer understands the condition of the movement. We cannot guarantee its actual accuracy, and in our experience real world performance will be different.

Original Accessory
Watch does not included original bracelet / strap / buckle / box / paper unless specifically stated.